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The Government is gradually lifting lockdown, how can you prepare your business, is your business ready?

There is a lot to consider!!!!

Many businesses are getting back to their office desks, retailers are reopening along with hair and beauty salons.

This is happening at a gradual speed. And we all know that social distancing measures are likely to remain in place for some time yet.

Looking after our clients during lockdown has been very interesting in how different businesses have coped and shown diversity through such unknown times.

To support you we created this blog to help you consider some strategies to getting your business back up and running.

Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Staggering office starts
  • How will you safeguard your employees – is there any government guidelines you could or need to follow.
  • Reduced equipment sharing (will you need more equipment)
  • Break/lunchtime planning
  • Cleaning and wash stations spaces
  • Will you need to employ cleaners more frequently
  • Is there any funding available to help you with any additional costs that need to be implemented.

What will be your new normal working practices?

  • How will your staff travel safely to work, can you offer any support?
  • Do your employees have child care issues that need to be carefully considered?
  • Will you need to enforce PPE for the staff or social distancing measures?
  • Do you need to look at restructuring your business?
  • Do you have your supply-chain in place ready to begin a business and re-establish those relationships?
  • Do you currently operate cashless payments?
  • Do you have clients visiting – how will this be managed, will your employees be comfortable having visitors into the office. Could you offer online meetings using Zoom/Skype etc?

What has your business learnt from lockdown?

Looking at what we have learnt from this lockdown. It is important to have the time to reflect and make business decisions that are viable for the long term survival of the business. We may also have been forced to make decisions and implement new ways of working which otherwise may not have been considered, some of which could will benefit the business, some of which may not.

Some things that you need to reflect on:

  • Do you and your staff need to physically present, could they work from home?(could you save on office rent, possibly renting a serviced office for those much-needed face to face meetings)
  • Could working from home, at least part-time, taking a flexible phase approach back to work be possible?
  • Is your website set up to sell your products remotely, can you offer click and collect?
  • How did you cope financially was it a struggle? could you have made sure you have several months of reserves to cover another pandemic?
  • How diverse is your business, during the lockdown we have seen many businesses transform their sales strategy to achieve sales during the lockdown.